About us

Established in 2014, iKame Global with a group of small people with a big dream, started from the little things. After 8 years of experience, we have achieved many goals, our manpower has exceeded 100 people. In that process, we always aim for enthusiasm, creativity and build the foundation for our core value. More than that, we constantly strive for mutual development and benefit. Especially, our employees are the heart of our organization.

Our Slogan is "JUST FOR YOU"
1. With our members: Benefits, rights and development of our members is the number one priority.
2. With products: Users are the most important.
3.With partners: We put the benefit of our partner above all.

The Vision

1. iKame's goal in the next 5 years is to become Global Game Studio with Top 1 Worldwide Downloads and Top 10 Worldwide Revenue. This is a very big goal, but not a vain dream. Currently, Zego Studio has ranked in the Top 10 for downloads. We dare to think big, have been building towards this goal for many years, with strong investment, detailed plan, good strategy, support from many parties, many years of experience. , but still need more support from your side.

2. Not only develop Mobile Game and Mobile App. After focusing on achieving the first goal, iKame has the orientation to build an ecosystem consisting of many combinations. This will be a great opportunity for aspiring iKamer in the future.

The Mission

Elevate - Conquer - Create Value

Developing and elevating iKamer to conquer big goals together, make an impression in all areas, bring value to members and society

Our core value

1. People: With the slogan "JUST FOR YOU" and human being number 1, we will: 
Be respected.
Be respected. 
Be heard. 
Get rid of fear. 
To learn, develop and improve. 
Be treated fairly.
Get recognized and given the opportunity. 

2. Desire to raise the bar 
Always aim higher. 
Promote the development. 
Elevate yourself. 
Raise the level of the team. 
Raise the level of the company. 

3. Breakthrough innovation
Think creatively. .
Creative strategy. 
Creative ways. 
Creative culture. 
Breakthrough results. 

4. Resonance, mutual benefit 
Working together towards a common goal. 
Together developed. 
Raise the bar together. 
Together to conquer and break through. 
Share value. 

5. Dare to face, not to hide 
Face to the problems. 
Facing difficulties. 
Facing mistakes. 
Facing failure. 
Facing failure. 
Facing colleagues. 
Face yourself.